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We are more than a snack machine or ATM service. We are an industry leader. At Goombay Vending, our vending machines are well-stocked and regularly serviced to fill the need of the Chattanooga area, at no cost to the businesses we service! Call or email us today to see the Goombay way of micro-servicing with our Chattanooga vending machines.

What We Offer

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Vending Machines

Our vending machines are stocked with goods that are sure to please your customer. To find out how you can get Goombay Vending for your business, click below!

ATM Machines

ATM’s increase sales and drive traffic while lowering transaction costs with cash sales. Let us help you with your Chattanooga ATM Machine needs!

State of the Art Machines

Premium Servicing

Best in Class Service

NO Cost to You

Who We Are

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We are more than a vending machine company. We have the best machines, that do what they are supposed to do at no cost to you! But we are so much more than that!

We are your neighbor.  We are Chattanooga’s vending machine company.

We have been proudly serving in the Chattanooga and surrounding area for over 10 years.

We care about our community and are proud to use proceeds to give-back to underserved areas in addition to other communities such as first responders in our area.

That is the Goombay Vending Partner difference.

Who We Can Help

We serve a wide variety of businesses commercial and even residential industries. If you want a vending machine, we have what you need!


Areas We Service

We service Chattanooga and surrounding areas. If you have a questions about your area, contact us today.

Chattanooga, TN
Ringgold, GA

Dalton, GA Trenton, GA

Cleveland, TN and many more...

Perks of Working With Goombay Vending


There are many other vendors to sift through. But Goombay is the best way.

We are in your community, not in a far-off distant city. We are your neighbor, and we care about our product and how it increases your income and business.

Timely Support

Well Maintained

No Cost To You!


In order for us to maintain service at a location, there must be at least 50 full-time employees or high foot traffic near the vending machine. For hotels, a minimum of 30 guest rooms are required. Apartment complexes need 100 or greater units to install a vending machine.

All vending machines and services are provided by Goombay Vending for free. The machines are installed, stocked and repaired at no cost to your business.

It typically takes 15-20 business days to install a soda or snack machine.

Our team will create a custom product selection for your machines based on the most popular items in your area. We also accommodate special requests to fit your needs.

Vending machine machines are filled depending on their sales volume. The more a machine sells, the more frequently it will be stocked. Most machines are filled once per week, but sometimes more or less.

Should you have a repair issue, our customer service team can be contacted by our email address or phone number, We cover all repairs and costs!

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